SCHOOLED On Your Own Education

This sunny Monday afternoon, I had the pleasure of viewing the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s performance of SCHOOLED in Dolores Park. My three friends and I sat amongst a variety of people; families, young people, old people, even dogs gathered to watch the performance. I found the show very comical, of course enjoying the opportunity to make fun of Donald Trump. But the main purpose of the show was communicated very clearly through the actors, education systems are falling to pieces and taxes supposedly going into education are being taken by greedy tyrants attempting to institutionalize schools. The audience was very responsive to the humor, and had no problem showing their input by cheering or “booing” dependent upon the circumstance. I had a very fun time being apart of the crowd, I felt engaged in the show because I was part of it. Part of it in the sense that I was physically there, and part of it in the sense that I am a college student and education is one of the main focuses in my life. It was eye opening and that was what the SF Mime Troupe wanted everyone there to realize. At the very end, they had the evil Donald Trump say, “What are you going to do about it?” It was a very powerful way to end the performance, and had me questioning myself, what can I do?

I am very glad I got to witness this performance, it left me with a reformed perspective on the educational system and made me cautious of what is going on around me, politically especially. It was fun to watch and just a fun environment in general. I will definitely be attending another one of their performances in the future.


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